Looking for expertise in
digital transformation and organizational growth?
Quidante is your sparring partner and supports you through business strategy, interim entrepreneurship and innovation management.


What is my vision of the future in the context of new technologies and market evolutions?

From a multisectoral experience and a passion for technological developments, Quidante helps you to grow. Complex subjects are clearly translated. And from a business reality, new opportunities for your organization are converted into a clear vision with concrete strategic actions and results.

How do we create and build the winning business model or digital solution?

Based on years of experience in designing, building and marketing digital solutions, Quidante assists your business in strategic investments. Prepare future business models and assist your organization in cost-efficient validation of prototypes with potential customers or investors.

How can I, as a growing organization, innovate more efficiently at scale?

Quidante is an expert in creating stimulating innovation ecosystems, multidisciplinary research environments, dynamic incubators and design studios. These networks and labs strengthen your competitive advantage with external ideas, digital know-how and talents. 

Working with startups on:
  1. Product - Building a product that people want and love is no coincidence. It’s the result of a trained and dedicated team in a trusted environment, much trail-and-error and user-testing routines, a lot of polishing up and much more.

  2. Go-to-market - By measuring and empathizing with prioritized stakeholders we optimize the energy for growth maximization. Communicate the future and activate desire.

  3. Narrative - Building the brand and communicating the vision for the team and external stakeholders.

  4. Building teams - Connecting the right talent (design, technology and business) and establishing trust so that quality can flourish. Building culture with rituals and constructing a set of beliefs that supports scaling without missing out on the soul of your organization.

  5. Craftsmanship - Adapting the best process to bring the execution up to speed while minimizing risk. Mastering the technology and becoming expert in your field is key to create new value and let creativity flourish.

Speaking and webinars on:

- Digital transformation.

- Corporate venturing.

- Innovation ecosystems & spaces. 

- Design thinking and business design.

- VR/AR Technology bird's-eye view. 

- AI Technology bird's-eye view.

- Prototyping and future visioning.

- Finding and recruiting creative talent.



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