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Founder Valentijn Destoop is a design thinker, innovation strategist and mentor. Throughout his career he has built up unique expertise. He has founded his own start-ups and has worked in the context of corporates, academia and the public sector. He is at home in digital product design but equally good at business design. Today he uses that special combination at Quidante to support organizations that want to create a positive impact.


After his training in applied design (MA) at Sint-Lucas, Valentijn Destoop started working for digital marketing agencies These Days (Wunderman Y&R) and Emakina. He built up experience as a UX expert and learned the ins & outs of digital marketing and experience design. He continues to grow to become a design lead and collaborates with international brands on award-winning concepts and platforms.

With that experience he co-founded one of the first Belgian digital product design studios, Little Miss Robot. In 2014, he also co-founded Wonderland, an innovation and venture studio that helps companies build start-up capabilities. Little Miss Robot and Wonderland are today part of LeapForward, the design and innovation group of technology network Cronos.

As head of Howest's VR / AR technology lab, voted best game school in the world, he was responsible for connecting manufacturing companies with the Digital Arts & Entertainment research center to explore new technologies together. He also collaborated with organizations Agoria, Sirris, FlandersMake and Imec.

As a creative entrepreneur, he gave guest lectures at academic institutions such as Vlerick Business School and Berlin School of Creative Leadership. He collaborated with Flanders DC and Creative Network, a renowned network of creative professionals and agencies, to found Creative Fair Play.


Now he works from Quidante with entrepreneurs and executives to explore new technologies and market developments. He supports them in very consciously selecting opportunities for their organization and in converting those opportunities into effective innovation and growth. He combines creative future thinking with design-driven implementation and knows how to connect organizations with their innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.


"Design is all about envisioning and creating the world you’d like to live in."

TEDx Scotland 2014, Business By Design


"We are very proud and so thankful to have you onboard as part of our team! You help us focus and excel, while keeping our feet on the ground and above all offering us the so needed “bigger picture”."

Xavier Leclair, CEO Slow cabins 

"I met Valentijn during the development of MaterialSource. During that year, he was an important person for the entire team (± 120 people). Valentijn is good at creating within a certain business context. He knows what is technically feasible and can therefore motivate programmers to go to the limit. He is an inspired creative leader with a focus on quality. Moreover, he maps pros and cons in meetings quickly, clearly, and above all honestly."

Veroniek Hermans, Coordinator at Innovation and Design Euregio (IDE)

"I enjoyed seeing Valentijn so dedicated - very insightful and always focused on ensuring we're on track."
Giovanna Zaaruolo, Unilever, European Operations Manager.

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